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Welcome to the Stella Movement community

"It brings me so much joy to see my clients gain strength and take on challenges they didn't think possible.

When you deepen your mind & body connection you realise your full movement potential."

About Stella

Stella Attwood is a highly skilled movement coach and teacher trainer based in New Zealand and Indonesia. 

She is well known for her knowledge in human body movement, attention to detail, and warm connection with her clients and students.

Her extensive training worldwide began in 2010 with Pilates at Breathe Education in Melbourne, and Hatha Yoga in Bali. Since then her passion for movement, anatomy and human physiology has drawn her to do continuing education in: FRC® Functional Range Conditing, Pilates (full cert apparatus), Yoga therapy, The Garuda Method, Pre and post-natal exercise, Barre fitness, Aerial fitness, Personal training, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, pain science, evidence-based movement practices and rehabilitation. 

She strives to keep up to date with current best practices and is eager to share her knowledge to help others' wellbeing.

Over the last decade Stella’s style has evolved into an eclectic mix, drawing from her multi-disciplinary background to offer effective and sustainable movement programs.

Her focus is mindful intuitive movement, empowering clients to move with self efficacy, to build strength, create a deeper mind/body/breath connection, and leave a session feeling satisfied and invigorated.

Stella offers a supportive and INCLUSIVE training environment for both clients and teacher trainees, and welcomes ALL fitness levels.

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