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"I first came to Stella when I was recovering from a shoulder operation to repair my Supraspinatus.  I was seeing a physio and Stella concurrently and within 2 weeks I dropped off seeing the physio.   Stella performed 'surgical pilates' on me and not only 100% re-habilitated my shoulder but also corrected my inherent bad habits and movements which had formed post injury and over my life.  My upper back tightness was relieved, my very painful neck was corrected and most importantly full mobility and strength were returned to my shoulder and I could get back to what I love doing most.  Being a 48 year old guy who likes to surf challenging waves you don't want to hear such things as 'maybe it’s time to take it easy'...or such phrases alike.  My greatest advice to anyone having an operation is your surgeon will line you up, but the person who works on mobility and strength will return you to 100% capacity of movement.  For me I was very lucky to have met Stella and cannot recommend her highly enough."

"Stella has a clear understanding of every different body shape & type. Her genuine care and attention to detail around injury rehabilitation is like nothing else and she will work with you until you are your best self. Stella gave me life changing tips that I use and think of through real life situations. Stella really listens to your needs and helps you to understand how to keep your body in its best shape, so much in fact that I rarely needed to see Stella privately after, but loved her classes and reminders so much I kept seeing her."

"Stella’s incredibly knowledgable! She is a proper teacher who knows so much about the human body and movement, and her classes are always dynamic and so much fun."

"I mainly look to be educated in movement and to feel supported through the journey with words of encouragement. Even in a class of 20+ Stella always managed to make me feel important and I felt that she intuitively understood my needs."

"Stella is so incredibly amazing, vibrant and has a personal approach to all students. And also her classes are the most dynamic ones I’ve ever done (did many around the world!!), and never the same or boring. What I love is that I am always pushing my limits in class in a very uplifting and empowering way. Its super challenging and I can see results of getting stronger, more flexible and toned already after a few classes!"


"I have not been able to find any teacher or any class similar to Stella’s. They are absolute unique every time (you won’t find any generic or dull repetitive movements here) and intricately guided with Stella’s healing touch she takes you on a journey each time! And let’s not mention the physical tone and shape that she got my body into in such a fun and freeing way."


"Stella is deeply knowledgeable, not only in different movement practices (Pilates, Garuda, Yoga etc) but in terms of anatomy and rehab. Sessions are always challenging in a good way & her motivation and energy is unsurpassed."


"I love Stella’s combination of movements, challenges, dynamics and above all her personal tips during class to improve technique. I had so many other classes where the teacher stays in front of the class and never walks towards any student to help or give tips. Stella has that eye! And I love that she teaches with a smile. I always leave a class by Stella happier."


"Stella has such an incredible understanding of the physical body so what she teaches is so specifically targeted at whatever it is you are looking to strengthen or heal! She combines it all together in a fun and bubbly way every time."


"Besides Stella’s radiant, infectious and positive energy her classes are a complete body work out with great results. I worked out my whole life and never did I seen my bum getting round(er) and perky."


"Stella is a very good improvisor: she reacts to the flow in the class and also to special wishes. She always asks for those. So the lesson is not rigid but still very intense. And she is very good at showing you that you can do better than you think. I really love that about her and I didn't experience it in other classes."


"What I most like about Stella’s teaching is her attention to detail and really teaching the class, always checking on everyone’s form and that we are doing the movements correctly."

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